Racing Around the World Alone

Canada’s sailing history is studded with extraordinary people, and Sail Parry Sound has had the honour of meeting some of them.

In August, 2005, Sail Parry Sound had the privilege of hosting the Canadian who is only the 126th person to complete a race around the world alone—Derek Hatfield.  More people have become astronauts or climbed Everest than have conquered this gruelling race.

Sail Parry Sound members and friends were enthralled to hear Derek Hatfield tell his own story, with photographs, of building the boat with friends and family, and challenging the race around the world alone. He coolly recounted surviving knockdowns and pitchpoles, and even being thrown into the southern ocean without a lifeline.

After 8 months at sea, 28,700 nautical miles, Derek came in first in fleet, and third place overall in his class, the fastest 40’ boat throughout the race, and the only Canadian to finish.  A great day for Canada!

2005-08-05Derek.marianneFor his next campaign, Sail Parry Sound’s name was proudly added by a generous donor, to the 6,000 supporters names printed on Derek’s boat.  We have all sailed with him.  Derek has said that those names buoyed his spirits in the darkest hours.

On April 6, at the Stockey Centre, you can see these most courageous sailors, Racing Around the World Alone ,  Derek Hatfield among them, the only Canadian, and a friend of Sail Parry Sound.

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