Vic & Hazel Carpenter Award for Sailing Excellence

This award was introduced on September 25, 2009, in honour of Vic and Hazel Carpenter’s contribution to the sport of sailing through the creation of exquisite wooden boats, and Vic’s lifelong passion for racing.

The Vic and Hazel Carpenter Award for Sailing Excellence is presented to recognize and encourage youth racing skills at Sail Parry Sound.

The award depicts Vic and Hazel’s 65’ wooden boat, Passing Wind, (above and left) which they built in 1993 and raced many times in the Port Huron-to-Mackinac race. The only other wooden boat in their last race, was one they had built 35 years before. They are internationally respected boatbuilders. As Superior Sailboats they spent nearly 50 years building more than 40 exquisite wooden power and sailboats in Michigan, Port McNicoll and finally at Bayfield Inlet.

From Tributes to Vic & Hazel at Sail Parry Sound’s ceremony in their honour:

From Canada’s Minister of Industry, The Honourable Tony Clement:

Please accept my congratulations on the occasion of this special tribute to both of you by Sail Parry Sound.

Today’s event not only honours two distinguished residents of Parry Sound, but also honours names synonymous with the best handcrafted wooden boats in the world. Working side-byside for more than half a century, starting in Michigan as Superior Sailboats and after 1964 on Georgian Bay, your creations have set an unparalleled standard for the industry. Today, your boats are proudly displayed by their owners around the world.

This pride of ownership stems from the pride that you put into your work all these years— pride that can only come from true artists, visionaries and master craftspeople, all words which have been used to describe you. From boat building, boat restoration, teaching and sailing, you have made a permanent impression on your industry and I am certain that this legacy will live on.

…Today you are honoured for your unique contribution to Canadian ingenuity and design.

Early days:

Vic and Hazel about 30 years ago, in their workshop with a few of their racing trophies and a photo of their boat Coffee Grinder. Vic sailed away in 2012, and his memorial was held at Sail Parry Sound on 9 June, 2012. Hazel  joined him in 2017 and her memorial was also held at Sail Parry Sound.

About the Award

The award, designed by SPS and friends after a famous photo of Passing Wind, made by

Jack Lawson, is used for the photo opportunity; it remains in the Boathouse.