Everyone is welcome to join Sail Parry Sound!

Beside enjoying the benefits of belonging to this club, you will also find that a membership in Sail Parry Sound opens doors to provincial and national sailing /yachting associations. Most important, you are standing behind the athletes representing our country. Your membership increases their support, covers the mandatory Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada fees required by all sailing schools, helps us to fund and maintain our fleet, and the upkeep of our premises.

$85 Voting Membership
 – Paid Before March 1st
$95 Regular Membership – Paid After March 1st

For more information, please email membershipdir@sailparrysound.on.ca.




To register and pay by cheque, please fill out Sail Parry Sound Membership Application 2023 and mail the form and cheque to Sail Parry Sound, Box 734, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2Z1.

As a member, you will have:+-

  • The right to participate in Sail Parry Sound, be eligible for a $110 off the Sail Parry Sound Sailing School weekly fee, enjoy the sailing centre, and all the activities of this dynamic group. There are also training opportunities in race management and regatta management.
  • Opportunity to store dinghies and kayaks at Sail Parry Sound as space permits, at reasonable prices.
  • Invitations to attend Sail Parry Sound events
  • Opportunity to attend our Social Sail evenings
  • The right to receive mailings and e-mailings concerning Sail Parry Sound news and projects
  • Membership in Ontario Sailing (OS) which confers its own member privileges listed at their WEBSITE 
  • Membership in Sail Canada, including members’ discounts on purchases, right to race anywhere in North America, and other members’ benefits.
  • E-mail newsletters from both OS and Sail Canada
  • The right to vote using your membership card at General Meetings and committee meetings (when membership is paid before the notice of AGM)
  • The right to stand for election as a Director of Sail Parry Sound, Inc. (if you’d like to volunteer, please email president@sailparrysound.on.ca )


COVID Code of Conduct

Goal and Guiding Principles

This code of conduct is to educate all members of the procedures in place to ensure that we may safely be at SPS and to confirm that all members will take shared responsibility towards meeting the requirements related to COVID.

  1. The requirements in this document are minimum requirements and everyone visiting SPS must act responsibly and in accordance with them. Due to the unique nature of this pandemic, all who visit SPS must recognize that collectively we are doing our best and cannot be held liable should anyone fall sick of COVID-19 or a related illness, after coming to SPS.
  2. Should a member observe that another person at SPS is not respecting a requirement of this guideline, it is acceptable to politely and respectfully ask that person to conform to our requirements. Should the issue not be resolved we ask the member to communicate with any Director who all have full authority to enforce this directive.
  3. These are not normal circumstances. All members are asked to be flexible and polite and to compromise when necessary.

Around SPS

  1. Everyone who comes to SPS must first read this document and be ready and equipped to fully abide by its provisions.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, come to SPS if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are living with a person who has such symptoms. If you are under a government mandated self-isolation period, you are required to complete it before coming to SPS. 
  3. If you have a condition whereby you are immunosuppressed or have a chronic illness, you should consult your physician or public health resources to help you decide if you should come to SPS.
  4. All government mandated protocols must be fully complied with when you come to SPS.
  5. SPS may post specific directives on notice boards at the SPS and on the grounds. Please look out for, read, and respect them.


All members shall comply with these directives with respect and politeness to others. SPS reserves the right to reprimand anyone for not following these directives, insist that they be followed and, at the sole discretion of any Director, ask the individual(s) to leave the property.

Additional information


$85 Voting Membership, $95 Regular Membership

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