Adult School Registration

Adult Sailing Registration

New in 2024, Sail Parry Sound will be offering adult sailing instruction for those 18 and over during the month of June.

Dates and timing are flexible to accommodate as many adults wishing to learn to sail.

Lesson prices are for 4 hrs of instruction for 2 people or 8 hrs of instruction for 2 people.

Lessons may also be done in groups with two people per boat.

SPS members who have completed adult lessons and have been approved to sail by our instructors may sail one of our boats on Wednesday evenings during our sailing school’s race night. It is a good time to practice your skills while there are others on the water with you. You can participate in the racing or just sail around the bay for fun!

Please pre-register below, and enter your preferred date(s) to reserve a spot. You will need to bring a PFD, water shoes, appropriate clothing and a change of clothing.

***Please email us to check availability before booking***

For more information, please email us at info@sailparrysound.on.ca

$250 for 4 hrs Sailing Lessons for up to two people
$450 for 8 hrs Sailing Lessons (includes SPS yearly Membership)


Waiver: Please click to agree and then Add to Cart
***Waiver, please click to agree and then Add to Cart***



Prior to participating in Sail Parry Sound Sailing School (SPS3), all participants in SPS3 must sign and return this waiver stating that they have read the conditions of the waiver and are aware of the risks associated with the event, and thus waive any right that they may have to any course of action against Sail Parry Sound Inc., its directors and their respective agents, officials, volunteers and representatives for injury to the person(s) or loss/damage to personal property.

1. I and my next of kin are aware that there are risks associated with all water sports, including the sport of sailing. Certain of  the risks and hazards include: launching, docking and storing equipment used in the sport of sailing, high winds that may cause rough water, natural forces which may result in obstacles and hazards, cold water in which extended immersion can be life-threatening, and weather that may change rapidly and be extreme, presenting significant challenges. I hereby give notice that I am able to swim and that I voluntarily assume all risk of loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me or to any property while engaged in said activities.

2. Therefore,  the undersigned parent/guardian agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Sail Parry Sound Inc., its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims, losses, damages, fees and liability growing out of or in any manner related to injury to a person or damage to any property arising out of or in anywise connected with the operation of the SPS3 or any activities on or the use of any facilities or equipment of Sail Parry Sound Inc.


3. I agree that I will properly wear an approved personal flotation device at all times while participating in or near the water, and that I/we will follow the safety precautions and instructions prescribed by SPS3 instructors or designated personnel.


4. I hereby acknowledge that I may be photographed while participating in SPS3 activities and/or programs. I hereby unconditionally authorize Sail Parry Sound Inc., at its sole discretion, to use any such photographs in brochures, flyers, web site, and any other promotional or educational materials.

5. I confirm that I will comply with and follow all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines in place at the time of my registration.  These could include wearing a mask on the premises, or while in close proximity with others, physical distancing while on land, frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing and health assessments before arriving each day.

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2 Sailing Lessons for up to two people, 4 Sailing Lessons + a Sail Parry Sound yearly Membership

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