15 May
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Splash Day!

No matter how grey, and it was, nor how wet, and it

13 Mar
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Sailing starts in only a few weeks

Spring—officially only a week away, and yet the Big Sound is still

09 Nov
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Phase 2 plans need everyone’s support

Autumn skies cloud the Big Sound, and the great winds are rising.

12 Jun
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In June, the flowers come into bloom at SPS. Here a rose

05 May
21 Apr
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The ice is gone!

 The Seguin River is in full flood, more than in living memory.

09 Apr
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Lukas Trapp and Grant Kavanagh win Vic and Hazel Carpenter Award for Sailing Excellence

Grant Kavanagh holds the pink granite award, illustrating Vic and Hazel Carpenter’s 65-foot

08 Mar
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Racing Around the World Alone

Canada’s sailing history is studded with extraordinary people, and Sail Parry Sound

31 Dec
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Happy New Year!

Best wishes for 2013! Please mark in your shiny new hard copy