Wednesday night family fun racing starts this week

At the end of a hot summer day, a walk in the cooling breezes off the Bay as the sun slides toward the horizon is a perfect reward. Any Wednesday in July and until August 20, take a short detour west off the Rotary and the Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail near the Old Town Beach.  Find a seat on the rocks or on a bench at Sail Parry Sound, and watch the Wednesday Night Family Fun Racing, sailing school advanced-level students and instructors and family members, just catching a breeze.

It is all very informal,  to extend a fine day on the water for another hour or two–as we all love to do.

The fun races may use the channel markers for the racecourse or possibly a large yellow floating marker.  The little boats must round the marks quickly, without touching, and then start off in a completely different direction, all by controlling the sails, the rudder, and the sailors’ position within the boat or out on the trapeze. It can look like an intricate dance on a windy evening.

Competition is all in fun, the dinghies with their bright sails and spinnakers are fast and colourful, and you will be relaxed and entertained while you enjoy sitting on the shore.
Bring your camera and sunglasses, and drop in at Sail Parry Sound on a summer Wednesday evening around 6 PM, take a walk around the Rotary Sunset Trail bordering the Boatyard, and enjoy the view.

Racing in the golden late-afternoon sun
Racing in the golden late-afternoon sun

Adults and children are welcome to take sailing lessons, youngsters by the week, and adults by appointment, pre-registered.
Sail Parry Sound is a not-for-profit corporation formed by volunteers in 1997 to restore the sailing heritage to the waters of Parry Sound, through excellence in sail training and regatta management.