In June, the flowers come into bloom at SPS. Here a rose from the border.

With three-season care from Jodi and Barry Laking, the Memorial Garden is a delight to the eye every day of the summer. Barry and Jodi have worked at the garden with dedication and skill for several years, from the day they planned its layout, long past the time that their son was first a student with Sail Parry Sound, and then a member of the racing team before he went off to university.

You may find the rest of the property quite informal. The reason is that we are cultivating native wildflowers, for the bees and the environment.

At Sail Parry Sound, you can see Alder, Bayberry, Blackberry, Coltsfoot, Daisies, Elderberry, Elm, Milkweed, to nourish the Monarch Butterfly, Purple Nightshade, Ninebark, Oak, red and white, Poplar, Raspberry, Serviceberries, Vetch, Vipers Bugloss and many more naturally occurring plants that we have encouraged.

Anne Bossart, a friend of SPS, and a graduate of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas, has inventoried all the indigenous plants for us, and advises us on their care.

Clouds of colour all along the shore and the Rotary Sunset Trail are the reward, even if they encroach a little.