Sailing school benefits

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Anyone can take part in safe, enjoyable sailing activities!  Sailing School for youth and adults, race training with a competitive team, and regatta management/race officer training are available.  Sail Parry Sound has been designated a Training Development Centre by Ontario Sailing.  

What will sailing do for my child? Here are a few of the benefits:

  • sailing gives children character education, in responsibility and respect for the environment, perseverance, integrity, self-discipline, trustworthiness, following rules and water safety.
  • sailing helps youth gain self-esteem and confidence, learn teamwork, enhance fitness with a new environmentally friendly sport
  • most important, your youngster will learn a lifelong skill
  • and have fun!

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Sail training follows Sport Canada guidelines, starting with the ABCs–agility, balance, and coordination, proceeding through the FUNdamental skills and, as the youngster matures, skill consolidation, to mastery and lifelong participation in the sport.

Youth ages 8 and up: Monday to Friday, July and August

Adult Lessons: by appointment,  July and August

Tel:       (705) 774-5228


Or write to our office at:

Box 734, Parry Sound, P2A 2Z1  (The main office is not at the Sailing Centre)

Registration  is open now.

Sail Parry Sound Coaches

Certified by Sail Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Yachting Association, Canada’s national sailing organization, which sets rigorous standards:

CANSail  Level 1 & 2 Instructor

Instructors who successfully complete this course are qualified to teach beginner participants at the CANSail  1 & 2 Level, and have access to CANSail Instructor Tools.

Course candidates receive training in the areas of:

  • Professionalism
  • Skill assessment and correction, specific to entry-level participants
  • Effective interventions and teaching methods for application to introductory and first experience programming
  • Program delivery training according to the principles of the Fundamental Stage of the Long Term Sailor Development (LTSD) framework
  • Use of emergency action plans (EAPs)
  • Providing a safe environment, fun atmosphere, and active experiences on land and on water
  • Communication of progress to participants and parents
  • CANSail  1 & 2 course curriculum and instructor resources

Prerequisites for Instructors: (these must be completed as a condition of being accepted into a Sail Canada course leading to becoming a sailing Coach.)

  • 16 years of age or older
  • CYA Bronze IV Certificate and Seal  – or higher level (Bronze V is recommended)
  • CYA Boat Safety or Boat Rescue or Sea Cadets Small Craft Rescue or a Swimming Award such as Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion, NLS
  • First Aid (Minimum Emergency Level)
  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  • CANSail Fundamental Course (formerly CYA Fundamental Course)

CYA national certification training and testing, must be completed, in the classroom, on the water, and in the coaching role, before the instructor is certified.

Racing coaches must meet additional standards before being certified.


Contact information and links are shown within registration information; if you have further questions, please click here to email the Sail Parry Sound Sailing School.  

 Sailing School History

The Sail Parry Sound Sailing School became a possibility in 1998, after Parry Sound and area people responded generously to Sail Parry Sound’s desire to offer sailing lessons for young people. Three brand new boats were donated outright; one more was purchased by a family and turned over to the school, and seven more were guaranteed by friends of the school. In a response to a request for “backyard” boats, to be used, rehabilitated, or sold for fund raising, eight more were donated. The school was up and running.
Formed by Sail Parry Sound Inc. under the direction of Larry Woolner, the school welcomed 20 youngsters in the first season. By the time the Class of ’99 began, 180 youths were looking forward to a summer program offered at the Waubuno Park Beach. Each year, the school has grown, and the Sail Parry Sound Sailing School now has hundreds of graduates annually, with more than 25 graduates now certified as instructors. In 2003, it was named best in Canada, earning the William Abbott Senior award from the Canadian Yachting Association.

Today, the school operates at the Sail Parry Sound sailing centre at the west end of Waubuno Road, throughout July and August.  A fleet of more than 30 boats–from prams to race boats and motorized coach boats is in use.  The Sail Parry Sound Sailing School is a not-for-profit, volunteer community organization dedicated to bringing sailing instruction to Parry Sound and to building a sailing culture, as part of Sail Parry Sound.  Youth and adults are welcome.

Sail Parry Sound
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