Instructors at SPS3

Sail Parry Sound is proud to recognize recent nominee and finalist in the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Youth Awards, our instructor Jake Steckley-Pawis.  He was nominated for athletic skills, for scholarship and for volunteerism.   On June 3, 2017, Jake was honoured in the awards ceremony.  Here, with Bobby Orr.




Introducing the coaches






Hi my name is Jacob and I have been sailing for 10 years now and it is a sport and hobby that I really enjoy if not my favourite! After many years of great instructors motivating me to become a better sailor, I look forward to instructing and inspiring students to become the best sailors they can be.


jake229x315Jake                                                                   I am very excited to instruct at Sail Parry Sound this year. I always have a great time here and overall the school just gives off a fantastic and fun vibe. Ever since I was serious about sailing I had a tremendous urge to become a sailing instructor and give kids the same experience I had when I was first introduced to sailing. I have been sailing since I was 12 and enjoy it every year I come back, I still look forward to coming to Sail Parry Sound, meeting new people and, participating in regattas. My favourite part about Sail Parry Sound other than the sailing is making new friends and creating a bond with the other athletes.


Curtis300x365 Curtis

 I have been learning to sail at  SPS since I was seven years old.  What has kept me coming back for ten years now is my love for the sport, the fun environment at SPS, the great friends I have made here and the wonderful staff.

I’ve volunteered for several seasons and enjoyed being part of the SPS Race Team last year. This summer I am excited to be working full time, teaching the greatest summer sport on the planet. I look forward to sharing knowledge and skills with both new and improving sailors. From the CANsail program, and teen fast start, to adult lessons, its always a good time to pick up a new, possibly lifelong, summer hobby.

I am looking forward to seeing old and new faces this summer and hope to make 2016 the best summer yet at SPS!


Also returning this year will be Meredith and Stephen.

Meredith      Meredith, Program Manager

StepheStephenn, Race Team Coach