Regatta participation

Regattas are chosen in advance for the Sail Parry Sound Race Team’s travel plans; a schedule is distributed at the beginning of the season, with other details of the arrangements.

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Parental involvement is essential to the success of the programme:

The Race Coach is not permitted to tow club boats, nor to transport team members. Parent volunteers are needed for driving and towing, and at least one duty parent on shore with a cellphone is required during the racing.

Register immediately for regattas:

It is advisable, and courteous to the host club, to register and to pay for regattas well in advance. Generally this can be done online. The Notice of Race from the host club will inform you, for example, whether food is included in the registration, may offer suggestions about accommodation, and will detail the event and the costs.

Skippers and crew and sail numbers for the Sail Parry Sound Race Team will be determined within the first two weeks of Race Team training, so you will have all information required for early registration.

What to bring: Parents should coordinate with the race coach, so the coach can provide the team on-water with ample water and snacks to keep them energized. Team members are expected to bring PFDs, sun screen, sunglasses and other supplies needed to perform at optimum levels.

Remember you must be enrolled in sailing school the week you participate in any regatta, and regatta fees are in addition to sailing school registration fees, payable before your participation can be confirmed.