It has been a busy autumn!  The docks are away, boats are stored safely in the Boatyard or our newly constructed Loft. What a treat to have indoor storage!

 mast rack

boats stored in loftThe garden has been put to bed, next year’s bulbs planted several weeks ago. So far, there is no accumulation of snow!

The water system for the café kiosk is winterized, and all the stainless café equipment and furniture is prepared and ready to go for an early opening in Spring.

The photo at top was taken in November, when having a coffee and a snack on the new observation deck would have been a delightful break in the warmth of the sun.  Plan to stop in off the Trail next year. Sail Parry Sound’s observation deck is the only elevated location in town, with a view of the Big Sound and foodservice.

The last job before closing up the Boathouse was building the partitions in preparation for summer operations.

building walls


Next year, cycling and eco-friendly watercraft will be added to Sail Parry Sound, with local businesses operating training and rentals, right on the shore of the Big Sound, next to the Rotary and the Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail, linking to the Rotary Sunset Trail, which is stunning at all times of day.

A perfect day for Wayfarer Ontarios– Big Sound Challenge

We always enjoy the early morning game of suspense that Mother Nature gives us and our regatta guests.  The day dawned foggy and flat.

Over coffee, the Wayfarers were casting apprehensive glances at the easterly puffs coming across the sailing centre.  The Sail Parry Sound crew reassured them, but truly it is difficult in these conditions to see how there can be a decent day of sailing.

By ten o’clock, however, the usual west wind was hinting at its presence and there were smiles at the skippers meeting as the flag started to crackle in the wind.

A beautiful day on the water followed shortly thereafter.

Results are at


Photos courtesy Jo Bossart.

Big Sound Challenge


Roll out the red carpet, and bring on the thousand mile wind!

Sail Parry Sound has been awarded the privilege of hosting the 2015 Wayfarer Ontario Championships, as part of the Big Sound Challenge, August 15 – 16.    CL16s, the sister ship of the Wayfarer, are also invited to compete, and some Lasers are coming in for the Big Sound Challenge as well!

Already 15 Wayfarer crews are registered, and three Lasers.  Lots more are still finalizing their plans, and we are looking forward to welcoming them on the land, and providing superb racing on the water.

The Rotary Club of Parry Sound is partnering with Sail Parry Sound, and our wonderful group of friendly volunteers will provide a warm welcome and directions and assistance.

To volunteer to be part of the excitement, please email

Orientations will be held in early August.

To register for the Big Sound Challenge, see the NOR  on this site.

Click here for downloading online registration forms to fill in.

Wayfarer imageJuly

Give it a try! July 18 with Sail Parry Sound and White Squall

The Big Sound is without parallel for sailing, with its dependable winds, long fetch, and magnificent natural scenery among the 30,000 Islands.

Come sailing with us; experience the beauty of silent wind power!

Board a cruiser or a dinghy, wearing your PFD, (we have spares!) and sail away with an experienced sailor who will show you the ropes, sitting or sailing–your choice.

Our friends from White Squall, the Paddling Centre of Georgian Bay,  are partnering with us, for you to try other motor-free on- water experiences.  Try paddleboarding, the newest way to enjoy the Bay!

You’ll love the quiet, with the waves lapping, the feel of the cool spray on your face, the warmth of the sun, and the distinctive deep blue of the Big Sound.

On a perfect summer day, every sense is alive to the wonder of being on the water in the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.

Come to Sail Parry Sound at the west end of Waubuno Road, next to the Rotary and the Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail,  on Saturday, July 18, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Getoutonthe water3

“GET OUT ON THE WATER” is a joint initiative between Ontario Sailing  and ROWONTARIO funded by the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund


FedNor invests in Sail Parry Sound


SPS President Bob Griffiths thanks Minister Clement for FedNor investment.

SPS President Bob Griffiths thanks Minister Clement for FedNor investment.

Parry Sound–—Sail Parry Sound announced May 1, 2015 that it has received a generous investment from FedNor for its latest waterfront development

Following the formal announcement by the Honourable Tony Clement, Member of Parliament Parry Sound-Muskoka, Sail Parry Sound President Bob Griffiths described the $122,236 as critical to the club’s expansion of services to the community and visitors.

“Waterfront infrastructure is key to Parry Sound’s development.  With the three new outdoor attractions to be added to the sailing centre, more access to the water, to the trail system, and much greater public enjoyment of the waterfront will be possible.

“FedNor has supported the vision of a longer season for the shoreline property we lease from the Town.  We greatly appreciate the guidance and support FedNor has provided.”

With a café kiosk operated by an independent provider on the new observation deck, Sail Parry Sound will offer the only elevated, outdoor, west-facing outlet in Parry Sound, where people can enjoy a “fast casual” snack while drinking in the panoramic view of the Big Sound, for several months of the year.

“We anticipate that people who are walking or cycling on the neighbouring Rotary and the Algonquin Regiment trail will find this a refreshing stop along the shore.”

In addition, the sailing club will invite independent operators to provide stand-up paddling training and rentals, as well as other human-  or wind-powered craft.    Another facet of the development plan is to have an independent operator of bicycle rentals and training.

Bob Griffiths continued, “Adjacent to the trail, which is the access route to hundreds of miles of cyclist-friendly trails, Sail Parry Sound is perfectly positioned to welcome cyclists.  It is our intent to earn certification as an approved site for Ontario by Bike.”

“This generous FedNor support”, he said, “has made it possible for Sail Parry Sound to exercise more ways to serve Parry Sound, further demonstrating sailing for a better community.”

Sail Parry Sound is a not-for-profit corporation formed by volunteers in 1997 to restore the sailing heritage to the waters of Parry Sound, through excellence in sail training and regatta management.

Photo posted by Parry Sound Tourism:

SPS volunteers  and deputy mayor with Minister Clement

Waiting eagerly for spring

Sail Parry Sound is cloaked in snow now.  Before freeze-up, Kirby Hall worked his magic in stone to create a ramp to our future observation deck.

The left side of the photo is real; the right side includes an interpretation of the plan for spring.  The wraparound deck will provide an open, elevated panoramic view of the Big Sound.

Now, we wait for the first signs of spring! Construction could begin as early as March.

Sail Parry Sound members are fundraising; our friends and supporters are embracing the vision.

Winter dreams of summer days: meeting friends at the café kiosk on the new observation deck, coffee in hand, enjoying the breeze, listening to the laughter of children, and watching the sails on the diamond-studded waters of the Sound.

Sails on the Sound

seen from deck height

How many gifts last a lifetime?

A gift of sailing lessons will outlast them all.  It’s a summer of fun to look forward to, and much more.  Sailing gives young people physical literacy, builds self-confidence, helps them to be more socially adept, and most important, provides a lifelong sport to enrich their lives.

For the young person you love, give the gift of sail.

It will take you five minutes to arrange, but that young person will thank you always.

Happy holidays!



The autumn brings many tasks at SPS.  One of them is the removal of the floating docks to protect them from the winter storms.  It’s hard work, on a rather sad day, realizing it really is the end of summer.  Often the weather is foul.

However, this year, it was warm and misty, and as you can see, somewhat of an adventure.

All heads turned aboard the Island Queen as they cruised past Terry Johnson, towing Wade Perkins, like Huckleberry Finn on a raft.

Just another beautiful autumn day in Parry Sound!

Yes, it really is a Brigantine!

The diamond-studded waters of the Big Sound, and those great west winds, have brought sailors with ships large and small to sail Parry Sound.  The beautiful training ships Playfair and Pathfinder are popular visitors to the waterfront.  Living history with youthful crews, the ships are a welcome sight.Playfair and pram

 Everyone who sees these magnificent ships for the first time has questions about them.  Here, courtesy of Toronto Brigantine, everything you wanted to know about the blue ship which visited Parry Sound this week, STV Playfair.

STV Playfair


The following specifications are for the Sail Training Vessel Playfair built for Toronto Brigantine Inc. as a sail training vessel. She was commissioned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1973, and remains the only Canadian ship to be commissioned by a reigning monarch.

A brigantine is a two-masted square-rigged sailing vessel with fore-and-aft rigged sails on the mainmast. This is distinct from a brig that has square sails on both masts. The name comes from the Italian word brigantino meaning a pirate ship and was associated with the vessels favoured by them in the Mediterranean. The term has been applied to a variety of types of vessels through centuries and now means a two-masted square-rigged sailing vessel with fore-and-aft rigged sails on the mainmast. This is distinct from a brig that has square sails on both masts.




Year Built 1973
Designer Francis A. MacLachlan
Location Built Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Builder Canada Dredge and Dock Co.
Hull Welded steel, 1/4″ hull plating, 1/2″ keel plating, frames every 2′
Length Sparred 22m (72′)
Length Overall 18.23m (59.8′)
Length Waterline 14m (45′)
Beam 4.5m (15′)
Freeboard 0.8m (2.6′)
Draft 2.5m (8′)
Registered Tonnage 32.98 tons
Displacement 47 tons
Ballast 10 tons
Foremast Height 16m (52′)
Mainmast Height 167.4m (57′)
Sail Area Over 250m2 (2,600 sq. ft.)

Sails: JiptopJib, Foresail, ForecourseForetopsail, Lower Studding Sails, Upper Studding Sails, Fisherman Staysail,Main StaysailMainsail, Main Gaff Topsail

Hull Speed 8.2 knots (15.3 km/hr or 9.4 mi/hr)

Cruising Speed (under sail)4-8 knots (7.5-14.9 km/hr or 4.6-9.2 mi/hr)

Cruising Speed (under power)7 knots (13.1 km/hr or 8.1 mi/hr)

Water Tank 862 litre (228 US Gallons)

Waste Tank 1090 litre (288US Gallons)

Fuel Tank2380 Litres (629 US Gallons)

Engine Detroit Diesel 3-71

Engine Power81 kW (110 hp) at 1800 rpm

Complement  Total 28:

1 Captain

1 First Mate

3 Watch Officers

1 Bosun

1 Cook

3 Petty Officers

18 Trainees

All information courtesy Toronto Brigantine, a charitable organization formed in 1962. Their founding tenets were the development of leadership, discipline, and citizenship in a maritime environment.