Splash Day!

No matter how grey, and it was, nor how wet, and it was, splash day is the day to celebrate. A day to look forward to the sunny, breezy days on the Sound, heeling gently, listening to the slap of the waves on the hull.

Bring on summer, so we can all Sail Parry Sound!

Blue Pearl

Sailing starts in only a few weeks

Spring—officially only a week away, and yet the Big Sound is still frozen solid, playground for snowmobilers and fishers.  Sail Parry Sound has a small colony of cosy fishing huts just offshore.

Everything ashore is deeply blanketed in snow, smoothing the rocks and crevices into softened terrain. The fleet is snugly covered in white.

On March 6, the sun had already moved far enough north to begin the melt, despite below-zero temperatures.

In mere weeks, the ice will be gone, the boats will be cleaned and rigged, and the voices of happy youngsters will ring out again.

All the instructors are eagerly waiting to get Sailing School started again.  Are your family members registered?  Spaces are filling up fast, in the optimistic belief that summer is not far away.

Racing Around the World Alone

Canada’s sailing history is studded with extraordinary people, and Sail Parry Sound has had the honour of meeting some of them.

In August, 2005, Sail Parry Sound had the privilege of hosting the Canadian who is only the 126th person to complete a race around the world alone—Derek Hatfield.  More people have become astronauts or climbed Everest than have conquered this gruelling race.

Sail Parry Sound members and friends were enthralled to hear Derek Hatfield tell his own story, with photographs, of building the boat with friends and family, and challenging the race around the world alone. He coolly recounted surviving knockdowns and pitchpoles, and even being thrown into the southern ocean without a lifeline.

After 8 months at sea, 28,700 nautical miles, Derek came in first in fleet, and third place overall in his class, the fastest 40’ boat throughout the race, and the only Canadian to finish.  A great day for Canada!

2005-08-05Derek.marianneFor his next campaign, Sail Parry Sound’s name was proudly added by a generous donor, to the 6,000 supporters names printed on Derek’s boat.  We have all sailed with him.  Derek has said that those names buoyed his spirits in the darkest hours.

On April 6, at the Stockey Centre, you can see these most courageous sailors, Racing Around the World Alone ,  Derek Hatfield among them, the only Canadian, and a friend of Sail Parry Sound.

Happy New Year!



Best wishes for 2013!

Please mark in your shiny new hard copy 2013 calendar, your smartphone, or your Google calendar: April 6, 2013. The movie, Racing Around the World Alone is to be shown at the Stockey Centre with proceeds to Sail Parry Sound. This is the story of the 2008/2009 Vendée Globe race, with one Canadian competitor  – Derek Hatfield, on a quest to be the fastest to sail 27,000 miles around the world,non stop, without assistance and alone on 60 foot sailboats. This is one of the most extreme challenges a human being can face.  For a preview, see  http://www.sailingaroundtheworld.tv/   Plan to be at the Stockey Centre on April 6, to live the adventure!

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April 6 is also the date of the AGM.  To participate, you will need your membership card.  Get ahead of the rush and pay your membership renewal now, through PayPal addressed to accounts@sailparrysound.on.ca . Discount rate is $75 if paid before January 31, 2013 and $85 if after.   Deadline for membership renewal to vote at the Annual General Meeting is February 28.  You’ll be hearing from Michelle Deaust before then!

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Sailing School discounts are announced for 2013:  Weekly rates are $280, with early bird registration discount of 10%, making the registration fees only $252 on registrations received with payment by April 30..

New this year, a group rate:  Gather ten or more  youngsters together, send in all their forms and payments simultaneously, before June 1, 2013, for the special group rate of $252 each, subject to space availability.